• Poster and Charter of Responsabilities are disclosed at Peru

    27 de June de 2011

    This poster was produced in Peru - Lima under the direction of the Cultural Education and Environmental  Citizenship, and the reasons for doing so is the commitment by the state to support the facilitation and socialization of the results brought by the delegation. It is ...

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  • Virtual Community is featured in university event.

    23 de June de 2011

    On June 4th the event occurred "Open University", sponsored by the Federal University of São Carlos - Campus Sorocaba city, São Paulo state. Mediators of Virtual Community "Let's Take Care of the Planet" were present and reported the "Charter of Responsibilities" to the participants, who ...

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  • CONFINT’s First Anniversary

    4 de June de 2011

    The Child-Youth International Conference Let’s Take Care of the Planet was held in June 2010, in Brazil. It gathered hundreds of people from all over the world. It also touched deeply each one of the participants. One year may seem a little time before so many ...

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  • Every one messages on the CONFINT first anniversary

    3 de June de 2011

    : CONFINT was a remarkable event. In order to celebrate its first anniversary, post a message in some social network (Virtual Community Wall, Facebook, Twitter…)! Many have already published their messages. Post yours too!

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  • Argentina Launches Manuals on Environmental Education

    10 de May de 2011

    [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4"] More than 300,000 manuals for Environmental Education will be distributed in Argentina, together with a proposal for teacher training. The manuals are the result of a job training that began in 1992-1993 with the Escola Pedagógica (Pedagogical School)  and union Marina Vilte ...

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  • France – National Conference Let’s take Care of the Planet!

    5 de May de 2011

    About 60 delegates and 30 teachers are expected to attend the second National Conference. The delegates will discuss about their commitments regarding environmental issues; then they will create communication panels and write an open letter to their elected representatives. Autrans, Vercors

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  • Earth Day

    21 de April de 2011

    This is a day to remind us about our common heritage. Preserving and taking care of it as a sparse resource instead of something indefinitely regenerative. The Earth has its limits, that’s why we need to go on taking good care of our planet. By: Juliana ...

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  • Agenda 21 now! 2011

    7 de April de 2011

    Once again it is time for "Agenda 21 NOW!”. As every year we would like to invite you, students and educators all over the world, to participate in our next International Internet Conference. In our conferences a large number of students from 50+ countries on ...

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  • European Coordination Meeting

    31 de March de 2011

    On the 17th and 18th of March it was held the European Coordination Meeting, attended by eleven countries (Belgium, Check Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey and Brazil). During the meeting it was highlighted the importance and proportion of the CONFINT location: it’s on ...

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  • Video-Invitation to the CONFINT Process in the Cataluña Schools and Spain Blog

    31 de March de 2011

    Cataluña releases Video Invitation to the Confint Process at the schools: “Cataluña 2011. Child-Youth International Conference Let’s Take Care of the Planet”, which explains the process through the three delegates who had been to Brazil during the Confint. The video is being showed in all the ...

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